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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Essentials | Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The New ASUS Zenfone 4 Max Lite

1. Design 

Just looking at the device , you wouldn't be able to tell that it's an entry level smartphone. The antenna lines are not an eyesore and it feels great holding it. The glass and the metal construction compliments each other. Plus, the curved rear of the phone makes it easier to grip and caresses the hand. It weighs less than 200 grams and smartly looks premium for its price.

It doesn't feel unwieldy, even with the large bezels. The back of the phone isn't a finger print magnet like other smartphones with a glass on glass construction which keeps the phone looking pristine every time you take it out from your bag or pocket. The build also provides a more sturdy, durable smartphone. All the available colors offer a smart, business looking appeal

2. Camera

Just like the Zenfone 4 Max, it has the same 13MP & 5MP rear cameras. ( Dual lens ) The front camera has 8MP and does really a good job taking selfies in good lighting. Features such as wide angle and PRO mode attracts me the most. Not to mention that both the rear and front cam have LED flash.

The camera hardware isn't groundbreaking, but it does well in brightly lit areas. For average everyday users, this is all the camera they need. The wide angle lens also provide a better, wider shot for those times that you need a great panoramic shot especially when taking photos of skylines and breath taking views. And for those who like to tweak or make adjustments, the PRO mode is available at the swipe of the fingertip.

Sample Shots

3. Card Slot

Forget other dual sim card slot smartphones, they only offer an expandable storage via micro SD card at the cost of using one of the sim card slots, with the zenfone 4 max lite, you can have two sim cards at the same time WITH an additional micro SD card slot. Yes, it has three slots.

4. Budget Friendly 

It is an entry level phone , low price that has a premium design. It is packed with features for a
P7,995.00 retail price. Check my detailed review at ZENFONE 4 MAX LITE - What to expect 

5. Reverse charging and Battery Life

My personal favorite , reverse charging and battery life. The 4,100mAh battery is definitely big for its price. It lasts more than I expected it to, believe me. I am a heavy data user and it has exceeded my expectation. The reverse charging feature is my best friend every time I need to charge my other devices. THIS IS WHAT I REALLY NEED , a phone and a powerbank-like feature. So much love. ♥

Check my reviews at :ZENFONE 4 MAX LITE UNBOXING and ZENFONE 4 MAX LITE - What to expect

You can check updates from ASUS. Refer to the links below!  Stay updated on all the Zenfones that they will release for the incoming months . :) Can't wait for the Zenfone 5 release here in PH!!! ♥
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