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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Essentials | Asus Zenfone Max Pro , Your daily driver

Asus recently launched a phone that will get you connected all day. The Zenfone Max Pro is packed with an extensive battery power and a performance that will suit your everyday needs for a smartphone. It is priced at P 9,995.00 for a 3 GB ram / 32GB capacity variant. 


Part of my routine as a millennial and a blogger is longer hours of using my smart phone for normal browsing, social media, photos, music and online shopping. The Snapdragon 636 extends its support to this smart phone by making it powerful and efficient. Application runs smoothly and switching through apps is snappy. Running multiple application in the background is also not a problem. May it be playing games, browsing Instagram or just Facebooking. Another plus is, you can open application with only a second delay. It’s a real performer for a mid-range phone. I try to use this phone to play online games and I can play some games in high settings. I just notice that it is kind of laggy when I try running PUBG in high settings, but over all, this phone is still a value for money. 


Packed with a 5,000maH battery, I can use this phone for a day worth of social media and a little bit of gaming usage. Though most of us owns a power bank , a smartphone with a huge battery capacity is still helpful if you’re really a heavy smartphone user. For my usage, I only charge this phone once a day. 


The Asus Zenfone Max Pro sports a dual-camera setup on the back with a 13 MP and a 5 MP camera. The selfie camera is at 8MP. Shots in daylight are pretty decent when there is enough lighting but indoors and at night, camera is just okay. Photos in normal mode is sharp and clear. You can also get quality shots using the bokeh mode but accuracy of the bokeh is not that great. The camera great for good lighting usage but in low light shots, it’s kind of loses out than the rest of the mid-range smart phone in the market. 

Sample Shots 

Audio and Display 

The audio and display of this smartphone for me is superb. I really like it! I enjoyed listening to Spotify and watching Netflix on its 5.99” full-view IPS display. The larger screen in a 5.5inch body makes binge watching series bearable and more comfortable. The colors is pretty accurate too and the audio is crisp at max volume. It is actually louder than my old s7 edge and the sound quality is at par. I love it ♥ 


I am not a fan of the face unlock so I don’t use it much. I still use the fingerprint sensor and pin. The face sensor is sensitive enough to unlock the phone. Quite good for me since most of the newest smartphones now has this feature. For the fingerprint sensor, it does the job good, there’s just a time when the sensor won’t read my fingerprints. 

This smartphone is priced at two variants. 3GB/32GB with 13MP+5MP camera at Php 9,995.00 and 4GB/64GB with 16MP+5MP at Php 13,995.00

You can check updates from ASUS. Refer to the links below! Stay updated on all the Zenfones that they will release for the incoming months.

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