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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hongkong | Solo Trip: What to expect

Booked flight, renewed passport and a timing long weekend capped my first 3-day solo trip in Hong Kong. ( Note that I did this Solo trip in HK during Chinese New Year , so most tips here are based on my personal experience during that time :) ) .  Chinese New year is one of the best days to be in HK and lots of activities and sales are happening in every corner of it. It was my first time going solo internationally and all I can feel was excitement and thrill. 

The Peninsula , Hong Kong

Clock Tower

Before my travel date, I already made friends through couchsurfing but wasn’t able to catch up with them since I have other agendas to be done in my 3-day trip and believe me, 3 days will never be enough to completely explore the beautiful island and busy city of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is a pretty mix of everything. From beautiful mountain views to a busy city scene to your medieval temple hunt and many more attractions. All are reachable thru mtr , bus and even just by walking around the island.
Many guides are already posted on the web so I’m not doing guides anymore but will just share my solo trip to you guys especially to the ladies out there who are afraid to go out of their comfort zone and begin solo travel.

To start with, a good traveller is a good navigator and a good navigator should know how to read her map! Yes, maps, locations and landmarks are all important when you solo travel because you don’t have anyone to lean on when it comes to directions and places. The first thing I did when I landed at HIA was to find an octopus card for transportation transactions and also buy a local simcard for internet data. Internet is very essential for me cause I used it as my guide on all the places that I wanted to see in Hongkong. Luckily , data in hongkong is much faster than data here in the Philippines. (And that’s good thing )

Tips for your Solo Trip in Hongkong:

  • Don’t be afraid of having room mates in the hostel you’re staying. Basically, you and your room mates have common goals, to travel and explore, either alone or with friends so don’t be afraid of someone who has the same goal as you. They’re all really amazing. Don’t expect that they will always be in your hostel room cause most of the time they’re out and busy exploring the city, same as you.
  • Try having a short but interesting conversation with some solo travellers as well. You’ll find that you’re almost like them.
  • Solo travellers from the Philippines are often questioned by immigration officers, always tell the truth and come prepared with all you itineraries, return tickets and your budget for your solo trip. Your budget must cover all your expenses during the entire trip.
  • You can find lots of hostel in hongkong. I prefer hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway. I just feel like those two are the center of everything, well for me.
  • Some hostel offers activities for the day so don’t be sad if you’re going solo. You can socialize with your co-travellers if you wanted to.
  • Hongkong is pretty safe during nighttime, though some dark alleys kinda creep me out so I don’t go in that direction.
  • Their MTR offers the best transport system wherever I go. Also the signs on the subways can be easily understood.
  • YOU CAN'T MISS THE PEAK AND LANTAU ISLAND AND ALMOST ALL THE PLACES. It’s freaking cold in Hongkong during earlier February.

The Peak

Big Buddha 

Victoria Harbour
  • You can find the same store in almost every district of Hong Kong. 
  • Chinese restaurants are expensive, actually, food is expensive in hongkong. But don’t thrift yourself; just try all the local Chinese food you that wanted to eat because hongkong do offers yummy and tasty cuisine. Also, keep in mind that most restaurants during (and I don’t know if on regular days) Chinese new year opens at 10:30 am , so if you’re having your breakfast earlier than that , local bakeries and fastfood chain are open 24 hrs like mcdonald’s , kfc etc.
  • Chinese New year is all about sale sale and sale! So bring your cash and shop til' you drop. Lol ( 20% -50% on shoes , 50-70% on other items. )
  • Mongkok is really a shoe haven and offers unique designs that are not available in some stores.
  • Make up/s are expensive in Hongkong. Etude house is much expensive in HK than in PH.
  • I really like their local milk tea. It’s heaven for me. ( Mlik tea lover here )
  • Several events are happening during Chinese new year festive so don’t forget to sign yourself up so you won’t miss the event!

Hope this post will help you!
...will update this soon!
Questions are welcome. Just comment below.
More photos below :

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