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Monday, April 10, 2017

Taiwan | Getting around Taipei

Despite of arriving late at NAIA Terminal 1 , China Airlines gave me a free seat upgrade to Zone 1 (Yey upper deck) and just to share with you guys, this was an unexpected solo trip and I have no detailed itinerary for it unlike my other trips. 

Upon arriving at Taoyuan Airport.

Like any other traveler who depends so much on the internet , first thing to do upon arriving at the airport is get a local simcard with a data plan. Mine was around 300 TWD good for 3 days with unlimited internet data and 100 TWD worth of airtime. You can find the a kiosk that sells sim card on your way to the exit and some money changer too. 

Going to Taipei City from Taoyuan Airport 

The easiest and cheapest way to get around taipei from airport is to take the airport bus outside Terminal 1. You can find the list of buses and stop names here.

My hotel was near Grand Hyatt Hotel so i took CitiAir Bus 1960. Fare was around 110 TWD. You can always opt to take taxis instead but that costs around 800TWD from the airport to my hotel. 

Getting around the city 

I wasn't able to explore other places around Taiwan and just let myself get around the city of Taipei + visited a newly open outlet stores in Linkou called Mitsui Outlet Store. The store has a very huge area  with a lot of branded items in it. Even though it's an outlet store , most items are not very cheap. The store is located at Wenhua 3rd Road, Linkou Dist.Xinbei 24448Taiwan and opens at 11 am. It is around 45 mins drive from Taipei City. 

Since my hotel is near Taipei 101 , i roam around the area ever night and always buy myself a freshly squeezed lemon juice from the night market nearby (Tonghua Night Market).Never miss to visit the famous Liberty Square and witness the Changing of Guards in Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. 

Visit Some Temple

I found peace upon entering the famous Lungshan Temple , one of the oldest in Taipei. There are over a hundred of different gods to worship in this temple. People are praying solemnly and give their offerings. The design of this temple is very interesting as well. There are dragon faces in the pillars of the temple and Lungshan is also called the Dragon Tiger Mountain. 

Some Famous Restaurants around Taipei 

Some of my favorites in the Philippines are Din Tai Fung and the milk tea place called Happy Lemon. Originally , those two are from Taiwan and I am super excited to have them in Taiwan itself. I do recommend also Kao Chi Restaurant , which is known for their famous fried pork buns and also an alternative to Din Tai Fung ( since Din Tai Fung is always a blockbuster ). If you're looking for an authentic Taiwan cuisine, Shin Yeh is one of the top picks. 

Night Markets

There are night markets in every district of Taipei and you can stuffed your self from various street food from it. Don't forget to try Taiwan's famous bubble milk tea too. The spicy korean chicken tenders pair with a 40 TWD Milk Tea was my favorite during my trip. Been munching those for 2 consecutive days. You can find a lot of things in the night market and prices can be cheaper to average than in some other stores around Taipei. Clothes are a little cheaper there compare in the Philippines but those are not the branded ones. 

Questions are welcome. Til' my next trip!! :) 

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