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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Food | What's hot in the North? - Our Food Park at Zapro Bistro

With the growing number of food enthusiasts, an increasing number of food parks are sprouting within or outside Metro Manila and OUR FOOD PARK AT ZAPRO BISTRO is one of them. Hello north folks!

Balagtas, Bulacan - We drove 40kms up north to experience the newly opened food park along McArthur Highway in Bulacan, OuR Food Park at Zapro Bistro. People from the north won’t have a hard time going here especially on a Sunday when there is a little to no traffic. Though it’s already outside Manila, this food park is worth every ounce of your gas. Trust me, I am a picky eater. I bet you can trust my taste buds right? 😛

The Food Park

What I like about this food park is the vibe, the color and the food options.

The Vibe

This food park is for friends who loves to eat and drink (YES! They offer Flavored Beer just like Rue Bourbon), families who bonds and couple who dates <3. I like the welcoming atmosphere that it gives and how clean and well ventilated this food park is and the chill vibe that it offers is a major PLUS! Not to mention the Instagram worthy food that it offers. There is also a karaoke room for you to enjoy with friends and families. It air-conditioned and I am so happy that their song list is super updated! Hello 2017 songs!

The Color

The food park is themed to be colorful, welcoming and happy. There are neon lights that are lit up at night that gives a groovy and a chill-out look.

The Food Options

It is planned that each stalls should have different food to offer. They have samgyupsal ( K-BBQ ) , Japanese sushi , grilled food , burgers , the famous Bulacan goto and lomi , shabu-shabu , wings , dessert , coffee , flavored craft beers and many more! With this, there’s no competition between the stalls and you can try everything as long as you want it. You can only order your drinks at 'Our Drinks' stall. They offer various drinks from juice to alcoholic beverages.

Talk of the town? 

Burgoglio – The American inspired Burgers at OuR Food Park at Zapro Bistro

I will let the photos do their job and make you drool so hard on this beefy burgers from the Burgoglio team. I will just give you five important facts about Burgoglio.

  • It is so beefy and juicy and the patty is bigger than a quarter pounder. For its price, their burgers are worth it. They're much better than those that you order on the fast food that you love. So ditch your favorite fast food chain and go to Burgoglio now!
  • BBQ Bacon Burger is my favorite. NO need for further explanation because uhh? Bacons in burger? That’s the dream. What I also love about it, it's not salty.
  • They're not just only good with burgers. Their CHEESY FRIES WITH BACON BITS is also damn delicious! I love everything on this dish, fries, bacon and CHEESE??!! Superb.
  • The lettuce in my burger is crisp. Just the way I like it.
  • Lastly, Friendly Staff! It is more fun munching burgers serve by happy and friendly staff right?! Might cause you to eat more.

Price List

You can like their Facebook page at : Burgoglio

Do also like Our Food Park at Zapro Bistro’s at and watch the video below prior to their opening.

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