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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Philippines | Quick Summer Getaway to Inflatable Island x A Heatproof Roadtrip Experience

Road trip to Inflatable Island , Subic , Zambales

Buckle up, sunglasses on, music playlist ready and enjoy the ride! But, will you even enjoy your road trip if the sun is annoyingly kissing you? I must say, I love being sun-kissed not inside the car but at the beach, with my favorite beer and tanning essentials. 

Summer is full of roadtrips, beach trips, and sunlight. So, to be able to fully enjoy and maximize your comfort, 3MTM Automotive Tints offers us a wide range of car tints. DIY tour trips, rented cars, and that one guy in your barkada who always brings a car should know the comfort that these tints give us because You, Your Car and your #TintMatters. Having an automotive tint is a must for car owners in the Philippines, especially because the weather gets extremely hot during the summer season. With 3M’s innovative automotive tints, we, the adventure-seekers, are the main reason why they continuously improve their product - to maximize our comfort and protection. The campaign, #BeatTheHeat: Automotive Tints Roadtrip Series by 3MTM Automotive Tints, is a way to remember that the fun starts on the roadtrip itself and not at the destination. That’s why we always have a pre-game inside the car, right millennials? * wink *

Leaving Manila at around 9am, we had a 3-hr drive to Subic. Luckily, we had our windows tinted by 3M to keep our cool and have a fun karaoke joyride on our way to a quick summer getaway at the beach. But it's not only heat rejection that 3MTM Automotive Tints that make them an ideal choice for your cars. 3MTM Automotive Tints comes in five variants that encompass style, comfort and protection for you and your car, ensuring that you can always have a good trip anywhere you go!

3M Tints variants:

  • CRYSTALLINE tint is the perfect film for high end cars since it offers clear and lightly tinted film technologies which gives comfort without ruining the car's original appearance.
  • COLOR STABLE tint is perfectly made for people who prefer privacy. The films are made to be dark from the outside while maintaining clarity from the inside. 
  • BLACK CHROME tint will definitely keep you cool with its metallic films. 
  • SCOTCHSHIELD TM SECURITY tint is your safety and security tint that will definitely protect your stuff from getting stolen. The unique feature of this tint is that holds your window together even if the window glass gets broken.
Going there, our van was ready with Color Stable tint. Thus, we had much comfort while chitchatting. After an enjoyable road trip, we said hello to Inflatable Island!! 

My own version of B&B , Beach and Beer is always a good idea + some fruit shakes too! 

This is a newly opened spot in Subic area; it is PICTURESQUE and can extremely be the chillest spot ever (we went there on a weekday so there was no overcrowding issue). There are many restaurants and stores inside the island. 

Bringing your own food/drinks will cost you some corkage fee. Common toilets and shower rooms are okay. Some parts were under construction. Before going to the inflatables, you must sign a waiver, put your lifevest on, and undergo a quick orientation.

So to cap off the day, we had sunsets and stories to share. The inflatable island closes at around 5:30 pm (if i remember) and that quick summer getaway ended with this phrase in my mind , " That you , Your car and #YourTintMatters "

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