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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Philippines | Summer Escape: Why Calaguas should be on your top picks this summer

If you are looking for a chill long white beach in the Philippines without having the hassle and the drag to book a flight , Calaguas is  one of the Best! Located 8 hours drive and 2 hours boat ride from Manila through Paracale, this beach is definitely one for keeps! The long boring ride might be off for the trip so prepare your playlist and bring a lot of snacks! Expect beautiful mountain ranges along the way and ready your cameras. (We drove from Manila to Paracale ,  diesel is around 2500 php all in all)

You will see a lot of guides in the internet for your upcoming calaguas trip so i won't be making a guide anymore. Hence , i'll just share my trips,expenses and how did I handle my 3days 2 nights stay in the island. We made a DIY trip to calaguas and it is a little over-budget than what we have expected. So if your budget is a little tight , try doing this trip with as many person as you want as long as you will still enjoy your vacation.

Tips for your Calaguas Trip :

  • During Summer , expect it to be very hot so you better prepare your refreshment. (water,juice,iced cold drinks)
  • Mid-year is a little sunny and windy. I kinda prefer this weather over summer since you will go camping and you don't have any fan at all.
  • Bring ice! Lots of ice! It's hard to look for ice at the local stores near the beach. We even went to the barrio nearby to look for ice and fortunately found our boatman and gave us free ice. Yay.
  • Come prepared! Since you are having a camp on an island without any electricity ( except some has generators up until 12mn ) , prepare your powerbanks, mini lamp , flashlights , insect repellant and also be aware that you can only get clean water at the stores nearby or just buy from your boatman. There are water pumps in the island where you can get water for bathing and cleaning purposes ( dont drink it ).
  • There are stores and local guides who offers paluto. If you don't have the time to cook for your own food don't hesitate to ask them. Kuya Heins is one and you can contact him here. He also organize trips to calaguas. Or you can book your travels here.
  •  You can do lots of activities in this virgin place. Kayaking , snorkeling , island hopping. Just talk to some local guides in there. They are all pretty approachable. Also , calaguas locals , for me , are all good person. We even leave our tent unlock and still, all our things are complete. But to be sure, lock your tent or bring your valuables with you.
  • You can extend your stay for how many days you desire. Just talk to your boatman and expect to pay extra cash. Boat rent is the most expensive for this trip and you must do a very good negotiation!!
  • You'll surely love the beach and its clear water.
  • You should never miss the sunset in calaguas for it is one of the best sunsets ever!!!
  • Boat ride going to Calaguas during September can be a little rough since it is already part of the pacific ocean. Waves are big and it hits me on the face! Yet , the waves going back to paracale is kinda manageable.

You'll love the beach with its finest white sand and clear water.

There are rock formations on the rightside most of calaguas island. It is A great photo-op especially in the morning.You can also climb the rocks but always remember , climb at your own risk! Some rocks have sharp edges. Be prepared to protect your gadgets too in case you fall.

And nothing beats a beach trip with a very good and memorable sunset!

More photos below! Post your questions below and have a wonderful beach trip! 

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