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Monday, March 6, 2017

Philippines | Surf at Sabang Beach - Baler, Aurora

BALER is the first surfing spot in the Philippines and located 6 hours drive from Manila. But Baler is not just all about surfing. It is also a town of adventures and interesting stories. For adventure seekers , surfing Philippine sea should always be in your adventure list.

Surfing season in Baler is from October to January and this is also the best time to go there since many tourist also visits the place during these months and you can learn from them too! When it comes to crowding issue , finding accommodation in Baler are a little difficult during those month but people at the beach are not crowded like any other overrated beach in the Philippines.

It is my second time in Baler and my first time was March 2014. We also brought our own car going there but unfortunately took the off road-ish way ( Bongabon Route ) and roughly took us around 8 hours drive to Baler.

Going to Baler is very easy especially when you have your smart phone and just tell waze to do the navigation! But if you don’t have one i can teach you one budget driving trip to Baler.
Take Sta. Rita Exit – this will cost you only 85 pesos for toll fees. After taking Sta. Rita Exit , turn right and just follow the long Maharlika highway and you will see signages along the way that will lead you to Baler. This is cheaper than taking NLEX and going through SCTEX.
And Hello again Baler!

Upon arriving , around 9am , we went first to the Hotel so that we can already reserve the room coz most hotels have a check in time at 2pm but you can check-in earlier (just have a good negotiation with the hotel staff). We stayed at Bay’s Inn near Sabang Beach. You can check their website at Bay's Inn and can contact them at 09089823509 for inquiries and reservations. Room rates includes complimentary buffet breakfasts at the inn’s restaurant.

How to Get There:

Bay’s inn & Restaurant is located along Buton Street, Barangay Sabang, Baler, Aurora. Buton st. is located near the town proper of Baler and you can take a tricycle to get there.
If you took a bus going to Baler , the bus stop is near the Public Market and from there you can take a tricycle going to Buton St. and just tell the driver that you’re staying at Bay’s Inn.

Restaurants at Baler

Hungry Surfer at Bay’s Inn offers one of the best food around the town. They specialized on chicken so you better try that one. They offer large serving too and all worth the price. They have a good interior that will hype up your surfing vibes and set the mood. You can also try Bayler View’s restaurant. I heard that they have yummier  than Bay’s. At night , you can find some drinking spots at Buton st. just be sure you still have the energy for tomorrow’s surfing session! 

Surfing at Baler

Waves during December are perfect for surfing just don’t get intimidated by it. There are lots of surfing instructor along Sabang beach and we're struck by BBC’s surfing lesson for only 350 pesos with a free beer or shake after the session. Always remember that there are no refunds for your surfing lesson so you better be ready and sure so that your 350 pesos won’t go to waste. Also , don’t be surprise if your instructor is younger than you coz most of the young ones there are also very good when it comes to surfing.

If not surfing , what else can you do in Baler?

You can also visit Asia’s largest Balete Tree owned by the Ronquillo’s at Maria, Aurora , around 45 mins drive from Sabang. Balete guides are very good in taking pictures and doing photo tricks.

Other things to do in Aurora:

Visit Baler Museum
Have a peaceful moment at Ermita Hill
Go to Digisit Beach
Be adventurous going to the Mother Falls

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