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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Autumn & Winter Japan Trip - Explore three prefectures of Japan ( Mt. Fuji , Nagano , Tokyo ) for Php 19,000

Ever wanted to explore Japan and experience both AUTUMN and WINTER? Before anything else, just a quick tip for this trip, Fuji tour and Nagano tour will consume a whole day for each trip with long train rides and I need you to be positive about this because for me, Japan's beauty is not only within the busy city of Tokyo so you need to explore deeper to the mountain and follow where Japan alps is. 

Exploring Lake Kawaguchiko - Yamanashi Prefecture 
Upon arriving at Kawaguchiko Station , we bought a bus tour pass for Retro Bus/Omni Bus at the ticket booth near the train station and opt to explore the area around the Kawaguchiko lake. It is like a hop on hop off bus tour and you can choose what  to explore first around the area. The map below is the route map of the Retro Bus/Omni Bus that we took. 

The ticket that we bought is for the green line and red line that cost around 1,200 yen and it's valid for 2 consecutive days. I suggest that you take the green line since i think the area on that path is more beautiful and there are onsen spots in there which you could try! I did not explore much of the green path cause we started taking the red path and some bus stops in there are only for red line bus stops. 

View near Kukuna Hotel

Exploring Hakuba - Nagano Prefecture 

Hakuba is very popular for ski resorts and beautiful Japan alps landscape. It is relatively easy to go here from Tokyo even on a day tour like what we did. Though I suggest that you should  atleast spend 2 days to fully experience the beauty of this town. We chose Hakuba Happone Ski resort which is 3 km away from Hakuba station. I read many positive reviews about this ski resort but you can still look for other ski resorts around Hakuba. 

Nagano Station

Way going to the ski resort

The free shuttle bus to Hakuba Happone ski does not operate daily so I suggest that you contact them first to know the schedule. You can also take the cab which may costs around 1,000 yen from Hakuba station to the ski resort. Temperature in Hakuba can go from 2 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius during this time and when you go up the ski resort it can go down from 0 to -2. Note that when we went here , there are no snow in the town proper. Snow fall is at the top of the mountain inside the ski resort. We rode a gondola going up the mountain and I swear it is one of the best scenery that i've encountered. ♥

Tokyo - Tokyo Prefecture 

Shiba Park

My friend follow his vlog in YT : Rustydasnowman
Tokyo is a very popular destination in Japan. Busy crossings , welcoming people , girls in maid costumes . go karts in main roads , i love everything about Tokyo! I spent most of my days around the city. You can catch me chilling most of the time when I am in Tokyo since I want this Japan trip to be as chill as possible for me to enjoy every moment of my favorite country, not to mention my favorite place on earth , AKIHABARA - The place for my kind of human. 


View from Shiba Park 
Meiji Shrine
Sensoji Temple
Shinjuku Gyoen

Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park

Food Trip in Japan 

From vendo machines , convenience stores , fast food to some authentic expensive food , I have tried all! ♥ ( Well not all , didn't have the chance to visit Tsukiji Market ) 

Tips for your Japan trip 

  • Buy this JR East Niigata Nagano Pass - I used this to cover all my train rides ( Some shinkansen , and JR Lines inside and outside Tokyo but limited to Nagano and Niigata area )
  • Follow my itinerary - click the image below. ( or share this and message me and I will send you the excel file ♥ )
  • Do note that I did not include the food and airfare expenses in my itinerary. 

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