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Monday, September 17, 2018

Northern Vietnam | Hanoi, Halong and Ninh Binh Winter Trip

Vietnam always comes in the least priority countries most travelers consider going to. But for me , its underrated culture and low key lifestyle is what makes Vietnam different from other Asian countries. I opted to visit Hanoi first before Ho Chi Minh mainly because, I love the cold weather. Temperature in North Vietnam from December to February varies from 8 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees.

I’ll give you a short travel guide of my Hanoi, Halong and Ninh Binh trip. I truly suggest you try visiting Vietnam during winter if you like cold weather.


We stayed mainly in Hanoi old headquarters for the reason that, accommodations are cheaper and many attractions are just around the area. Street foods are all over the place and some train stations are within the reach as well.

Few tips for your Hanoi trip:
  •   February is a cold weather. Make sure to bring your jacket/coat and scarf.
  •  Hanoi has a lot of coffee shops to choose from and most offer very good Vietnamese coffee.
  •  Expect to eat along the streets on small tables and chairs. This is how most locals spend their time eating around Hanoi.
  • Some hotels can be a bit pricey and a scam. So look carefully for hostel/hotels. I would recommend Especen around Old Quarter Hanoi.
  • Food are not that cheap , and not that expensive as well.

Halong Bay

We booked a Halong Bay Cruise (Day Tour) through Klook. Below is the detailed itinerary of the Day tour Halong trip from klook and it costs around Php 2200.

Ninh Binh DIY Guide

Ninh Binh is a province in Vietnam located 2hours away from Hanoi. It is a hidden treasure of Vietnam that is packed with amazing landscapes, caves and fields. Vietnamese tour guides call Nihn Binh as ‘Halong Bay on land‘ since it is made up of limestones and lime peaks.

Going to Nihn Binh from Hanoi

  • Go to Hanoi Train Station. 
  • Buy a ticket going to Ninh Binh Train Station. Fare is around 85,000 dong one way.
  • Travel time is around 2 hours.

Getting around Ninh Binh

We hailed a car and paid them 100,000 dong going to Trang An and from Trang An we hailed another car and paid 100,000 dong going to Hang Mua. I do not recommend this option because we are just lucky that there were available cars for rent but most of the time there are no cars in the area. It is better if you rented a car/motorbike/bicycle before going around Ninh Binh.

Trang An

Trang An covers a variety of caves. It is a 2 hours boat ride going through the cave. The last boat is at 4pm and I suggest that you visit the place early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Hang Mua Peak

Stairs going up to Hang Mua Peak
Hang Mua is also a must visit in Nihn Bihn. It offers a spectacular view of the province for 100,000 dong as the entrance fee. Be sure that you are ready to take lots of steps going up the peak.

Food and Streets of Hanoi 

Vietnam can be considered as a food trip haven. restaurants and street foods are almost everywhere in Hanoi and Viet Coffee is a must try ♥

Ngoc Son Temple in hao Kiem Lake

Detailed Expenses 

Day 1
Grab to Old Quarter hanoi         156,000.00
Sim Card         125,000.00
Hotel 1st night         200,000.00
Food          150.00
Day 2
Hotel for 3 Nights         720,000.00
Klook ( Halong Tour )      2,200.00
Dinner          350.00
Day 3
Train to Ninh Binh         190,000.00
Trang An         200,000.00
Lunch           350.00
Car Rental         200,000.00
Dinner          350.00
Viet Coffee           90,000.00
Day 4
Hanoi Tour ( Walk around Hanoi )
Lunch and Dinner          700.00
Entrance fee temple            30,000.00
Day 5
Shuttle to Airport            40,000.00
    1,951,000.00      4,100.00
            5,853.00      4,100.00
Total in Pesos    9,953.000

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